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Car Polishing Surfaces Treatment Guide - Flex North America, Inc.
Car Polishing Surfaces Treatment Guide
Water-soluble, ecological automotive paints should be processed with little force, but rather at low speed and gentle pressure. That prevents the heating up of the polishing medium and too much paint abrasion. FLEX sponges and appropriate quality polishing media ensure the proper treatment to suit the material (observe the recommended speeds / metallic enamels require special polishing media).

FLEX recommendations:

  • Single-coated lacquering (without clear coat varnish): 2,200 to 2,800 rpm with blue FLEX polishing sponges
  • Double-coated lacquering (without clear coat varnish): 1,200 to 1,700 rpm with white FLEX polishing sponges
  • Processing beads and curves as well as repolishing: with black FLEX Velcro sponges

For a perfect finish always work on one section of the vehicle at a time (hood, trunk, etc.).

Do not circulate, but rather polish the surfaces length and cross wise. Mechanically remove polishing medium residues with a slightly moistened lamb or wool fleece.

To conserve the enamel, wax should be applied with a soft Velcro™ sponge. This deepens the sheen of the enamel especially for black cars. After absorption and drying, polish down with lamb and wool fleece.

NOTE: Use a separate sponge for each polishing medium and color!

Car Polishing
1. To remove any deep-seated scratches, we would recommend using the polishing lambswool together with FLEX SpecialPolish.

Car Polishing
2. Scratches can be removed using the blue polishing sponge and FLEX SpecialPolish.
Car Polishing
3. Hologram effects can best be worked on with the black polishing wafer sponge and FLEX SpecialPolish.
Car Polishing
4. The XC 3401 VRG rotary-orbital polisher and FLEX NanoPolish & Wax are ideal for sealing and care.
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